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Governor's Diary 2018 - 2019

Sept 10th 2018 - Meeting with parents and MAT officers to discuss parent access to children’s workbooks.


Sept 14th 2018 - Governors and head teacher met for a performance management review.

                             Working group of governors up-dating the school website.


Sept 25th 2018 - Meeting of Premises Committee.

                             Meeting of Finance Committee.

                             Governors attend training Re Parent Complaints.


Sept 28th 2018 - Meeting of Headteacher’s Performance Management Group.

                             Meeting of Staff & Curriculum Committee.

                             Meeting of Pay Committee


Nov 9th 2018 - The chair participated in a MAT working party.

                         Chair joined senior staff and MAT improvement partner for a standards visit


Nov 14th 2018 - Chair joined Headteacher for a teacher interview.


Nov 20th 2018 - Meeting of the Premises Committee.


Nov 20th 2018 - Meeting of the Finance Committee.


Nov 23rd 2018 - Meeting of the Staff and Curriculum Committee.


Nov 28th 2018 - Chair & Vice Chair attended a meeting for MAT Chairs, held at Warren Dell school.


Jan 16th 2019 Governors health and safety tour of building and grounds.


Jan 18th 2019 – Liaising with caretaker to plan location of heaters for refurbishment project.


Jan 28th 2019 – Governors attend presentation Re budget monitoring.


Feb 7th 2019  – Chair of Governors joined teacher interview panel.


Feb 8th 2019 – Meeting of Staff & Curriculum Committee.


Feb 12th 2019 – Meeting of Finance Committee.


Feb 20th 2019 – Chair telephone conferences with MAT CEO Re heating project.


Feb 26th 2019 – Meeting of the Premises Committee.