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Green Team

Green Team is Meryfield’s eco club. We meet every week to discuss and lead environmental projects in school. Since we formed a year ago, we have made great changes to Meryfield.


This is what we have achieved so far: 


  • Printer paper recycled by Frogmore Paper Mill.
  • Cardboard, glass and aluminium recycled by HCC.
  • Recycle bins for food packaging placed in the dining halls.
  • Milk tetra paks recycled.
  • Batteries and pens recycled.
  • Green Week to promote whole school eco projects.
  • Energy Month to promote energy awareness and whole school energy saving projects.


We have big plans for the future.


  • Achieve an Eco-School award proving our commitment to sustainability.
  • Start recycling food waste from kitchen and dining halls.
  • Establish a composting system for the kitchen.
  • Reduce energy consumption in the school.

Green Team activities

Green Team activities 1
Green Team activities 2
Green Team activities 3
Green Team activities 4
Green Team activities 5

Green Team