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Arrangements for picking up your children today 13/12/17:

Dear Parents/Carers,

In order to make the end of the day safe and run smoothly for you as we only have the main gate open, we are going to have to do another staggered exit. Unfortunately although the rain is helping we still have a significant amount of ice on the paths from the other gates and around the building by Year 4 and 6 and both playgrounds and we take the safety of you and your children very seriously. We hope by tomorrow with warmer temperatures and the rain we will be ice-free and back to normal. Mr Hill and his band of merry men have managed to clear and grit the path from the front gate round to year 5 classes.

Like yesterday If you can come and pick up your children at the following times and from the following places this will really help but we totally understand if you are unable to do this because of work or other commitments and we are more than happy for you to collect at the normal time. We will organise it so you go and collect your youngest child and then we will phone through to the classes and ask the siblings to come to you there so make it easy for you to just collect from the one exit point. If you are coming to watch the 4B and 3S production of Snow White then we will hold on to siblings until you are ready to leave at the end of the show with your Yr 3/ 4 child. Please will you remain in the hall and your children will be bought to you.

Nursery children to be collected at normal time of 11:50 – please stick to the usual path you used this morning.

Nursery Flexis can be collected at the normal time from Purple Nursery as Path remains clear and well gritted.

Rec/Yr 1- to be collected (only if you can, it is not a problem if you are unable to) at 2:45 from their normal classrooms as the path is clear and well gritted.

Year 2 and 3A to be collected at 3:00 pm(again only if you can) from their classrooms – please come on the path past Year 1 and stick to the path and stay in the cleared channel across the KS1 playground before picking up the path again to the classrooms.

Year 5 to be collected at 3:15pm from their classroom doors. Please come on the path past Year 1 and stick to the path and stay in the cleared channel across the KS1 playground before picking up the path again past year 2 and 3 classes to the year 5 classrooms.

Please do not try to exit using the normal routes but take the same path you walked in on to leave the site.

4M who are not in the show today at 3.00 (again only if you can) from the After School Entrance – we will have the children in the top hall.

Year 6 will be released at 3:15 from the Touchdown unless they are a sibling and you collect them with your younger children.

Thank you again to so many of you for your support this morning. At the moment Singing at Tesco’s will still take place tomorrow as hopefully the last of the ice and snow will have gone. We will send out a message early evening about tomorrow but fingers crossed we will be back to normal and all gates will be open.

Yours sincerely

Mrs Gage



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