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Chigwell Row


Last week we went on our school trip to Chigwell Row Campsite. 


We took part in a number of activities including:


- Wall climbing

- Archery

- Free time

- Peddle karting


We also managed to have a campfire and marshmallows after our woodland walk!


Here are some of the quotes from the children who went on the trip.


"It was the best trip ever!"


"I really enjoyed all of the activities."


"It was just like a holiday. I loved it!"



See below for some of the photos from our trip.


Chigwell Row

Chigwell Row 1
Chigwell Row 2
Chigwell Row 3
Chigwell Row 4
Chigwell Row 5
Chigwell Row 6
Chigwell Row 7
Chigwell Row 8
Chigwell Row 9
Chigwell Row 10
Chigwell Row 11

Hazard Alley Visit


Earlier this week, Year 4 visited Hazard Alley. Hazard Alley is a Safety Centre based in Milton Keynes. It is the first purpose-built interactive centre where children aged 6-12  experience 12 hazardous scenarios in perfect safety.


During the day we learnt about:


  • Fire safety
  • Home safety
  • Building site safety
  • Railway safety
  • Car safety
  • Personal safety
  • Water safety
  • First Aid & the recovery
  • Farm safety
  • Internet safety


Below are some of the pictures from the day!

Hockey in Year 4


Over the past half term we have been learning how to play Hockey! We have recently started participating in class competitions! 


We have been busy practicing how to:


  • Control and dribble the ball
  • Pass over a range of distances
  • Shoot accurately
  • Tackle opposing players
  • Work as a team


Below are a few photographs from our latest lesson this week.




Hockey Photos

Balloon Debating


Both Year 4 classes spent their Monday afternoon attending an NRICH Workshop. This workshop involved our children participating in Balloon Debating. All children carried out key roles, developing their communication skills through argument, questioning and persuasion.


During the session, all children shared their ideas with each other, whilst some children attempted others to adopt to their chosen viewpoint. In this case, the children were trying to persuade their classmates to vote for their meal as their favourite. 


The debate has provided the children with a memorable and worthwhile experience where they have developed essential real world skills.


Some of the photos from the day can be seen below!