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Year 3

Welcome to Year 3!

Our topic this term is Water, Water Everywhere.


This term we are learning about the importance of water and this will link to the River Nile and the Ancient Egyptians! Have a look at the Summer Term Curriculum Map to find out more about the activities we are enjoying.


On 24th May, we will be having an Ancient Egyptian Day where the children will step back in time to learn about the life and mystical beliefs of these fascinating people. They will learn how to make different artefacts as well as taking part in various role-plays so that the children really experience what life was like.


In English, we are looking at adventure stories and we will be writing our own stories based on the book Flat Stanley. We will be describing settings, heroes and villains in detail to bring our adventure stories to life!


Have a look at the Word Grid Challenge below. Can you work out the nine letter word?

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