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Year 4

Welcome to Year 4!


 This term we are learning about the Rainforest. So far, we have learnt about the different countries with rainforests in. In future lessons, we will be learning about the vegetation in rainforests, the climate, people and settlements.


To support the school's ethos about global learning we will be investigating the effects of deforestation and thinking about what we can do to protect the rainforest.


  In Maths, we have moved on to converting units of measure. Any help you can give your child linked to this would be much appreciated. Throughout this term, we will continue to develop our fluency and problem solving skills.


In English, we are currently focusing on persuasive writing in the form of adverts. We will be moving on to creating a persuasive text based on deforestation which links to our Geography. 


Below are some links to related websites which you and your child can look at together.


Please click on the curriculum document below to find out more about our topic and how you

can help your child with their learning at home.




Year 4 - Spring Term Curriculum

Year 4 - Autumn Term Curriculum