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September 16th – Governors conducted an inspection of the building and grounds.

September 16th – Governors attended pre-Ofsted training at Willburys School.

September 19th – Governors conducted Headteacher’s Performance Management review, MAT CEO attended.

September 24th – Staff & governors attended demonstration of entry system.

September 24th – Meeting of Finance Committee.

September 27th – Chair attended interviews for support staff.

September 27th – Safeguarding governor met with senior staff to monitor CLA & PPG children.


October 1st – Meeting of Premises Committee.

October 2nd – Chair & Head attended St Albans meeting with trustees & MAT schools.

October 3rd – Governors met with representatives of Chartwell Catering.

October 4th – Meeting of Staff & Curriculum Committee.

October 8th – Governors attended Harvest Festival.

October 16th – Full business meeting for all governors.

October 6th -  Governors made scheduled visits in connection with the Governor’s action plan.

October 16th – SEN-Co report Re SEN given at business meeting.

October 21st – Governors met with trust CFO to discuss funding the hardware replacement project.


November 5th – Chair attended meeting with Fair Access coordinator + outreach behaviour support teacher.

November 13th – Meeting with HFL team to discuss tendering for IT project.

November 18th – Governors attend a meeting of Chairs and senior governors of trust schools.

November 19th – Meeting of Premises Committee.

November 19th – Meeting of Finance Committee.

November 22nd – Meeting of Staff and Curriculum Committee.

November 26th – Meeting of the Governor’s Safeguarding Liaison Group.


December 4th – Non-business meeting of the full Governing Body.

December 5th – Chair attended trustees liaison meeting.

December 6th – Meeting of Staff and Curriculum Committee.


January 13th - Meeting of Governing Body Admissions Panel.

January 21st -  Meeting of the Finance Committee.

January 31st – Meeting of the Staff & Curriculum Committee and Meeting of the Headteacher Performance Management Group.

February 4th – Meeting of the Premises Committee.

February 11th – Chair attended interviews for teacher candidates.

February 12th – Full Governing Body non-business meeting.

February 26th – Meeting with Friends of Meryfield committee and Chair joined interviews with teaching candidates.

February 27th – Chair & Vice Chair attended meeting with AGB chairs.

February 28th – Chair joined further interviews of teaching candidates.