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Additional activities

We have lots of activities for you this week. There are some fun science activities that you might like to try throughout the Summer - they are not just for this week. 


This week you are going to be history detectives to work out what you can understand from just observing pictures carefully.


This week there are two tasks you can do. The first is to look back on Year 2 and think about what you enjoyed. Although there was a disrupted end to your time in Year 2, we are sure you have some good memories from September to March. The second task is to write a list of the things you want to do this Summer. There are so many things we haven't been able to do, but now as things ease, you will be able to do some of them. They could be simple things like meeting a friend or family member you haven't seen for a long time, doing an activity you haven't done, visiting a place you are interested in, or continuing something you may have started recently. What is top of your list? 

You don't need to print the files, you can just write your ideas on paper.


These are all fun practical activities that have links to science. 


The wax resist method for the underwater picture can be used to make a picture of anything you want - under the sea is just an example.


Here are some more unplugged computing activities. This week they are all linked to thinking logically.


The Sock Balance

Still image for this video