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VE Day

These additional learning suggestions are all linked to VE Day.


  • How did Borehamwood celebrate VE Day?

Look at the pictures from around Borehamwood. There are a few questions you could think about and discuss with an adult.


  • History Enquiry Task

This task helps you use your budding historian skills. There is a video for you to watch and work along with. Use this link to view it. You will need a pen and paper.


There is also a file with some information to use alongside, but it is not needed to complete the task. It does show a table to fill out, but you don’t need to print this at all, just write your ideas down.


  • Two of the Maths tasks this week involved rationing. If you would like to find out a little more about it, this short clip tells you more. Rationing went for 9 year after the war until 1954!


What do you think you would miss most?  

Although rationing was difficult, was there anything good about it?


  • Design a menu for a street party.
  • Design and make some bunting
  • Cook some wartime recipes -see the file.
  • Just like the rainbows for the NHS so many people have made, it was hoped that posters would be made for VE Day to display in windows. There are a couple of files you could print and colour, but we are sure you could make more interesting pictures to celebrate the 75th anniversary.

The Target

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