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VE Day 75th anniversary


On Friday May 8th, we will be celebrating 75 years since Victory in Europe Day. This marks the day towards the end of World War Two when fighting against Nazi Germany came to an end in Europe.

We have put together a few activities that we thought you would enjoy to find out more about this very special event. See if you can recognise anywhere in 'Borehamwood Celebrations for VE Day'.


MPs meet for the first time in virtual parliament

Read the article from The Week.


Investigate.  Who is your local member of parliament? Write a fact file about her or him, including details such as their political party, when they were first elected to Parliament, the size of their majority, any ministerial positions they have held and any other jobs they have done apart from being a politician.


Hold a debate. People are beginning to say that life might change a great deal when the treat of the virus has passed. Now that we are proving many jobs can be done over the internet, should we make it a permanent change? Should that include teaching? Would you like to do all your learning at home over the internet? Would you learn better without the distractions of having your classmates in the same room? Or is it important to be together? Are there benefits to working and playing in the presence of others? What do you think?


Ocado Design a Van Competition


Fancy a creative challenge?  We thought that this looked really fun and you never know, it could be your design that is seen driving around the UK!  There are prizes to be had too.  Enjoy!

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PE Activities and Target Challenge


Target Challenge

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