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Additional activities

Reading and Writing

Phonics Play has lots of fun games to play- remember to click on phase 2 or phase 3.

Here are some short stories to read. You could practise the words at the top of the page before you read the story.

Hunt for all the words with the sound 'sh'. When you find them, can you write a list of them in your book?

Read the story and fill in the missing words.

Animal facts

Can you find out some more about the animals in the story?

You could create your own zig zag book and have a page about each animal.




Enjoy making some symmetrical pictures on

and playing symmetry games on


Visit the Oxford Owl website to play some maths games:


Here are some maths challenges:

Create your own symmetrical owl painting


Practise your adding:

Visit the website Purple Mash and go onto mini-mash to make your own symmetrical picture.

Creative Activities


This would be a lovely activity for you and your child to do together, especially because they might be missing seeing someone special at the moment. It can be posted through a letter box to a family member or friend, or popped into a postbox with a stamp attached.

Spread out a long sheet of paper, or you could stick a few pieces of paper together. Trace around your child's head, arms and upper torso and decorate. Print or write out the message below to put with the hug. Fold it all up, put in an envelope and post!

Here is a message you could use: " I miss you when you're far away. I'd love to see you every day. But since I can't come over to play, I'm posting you a hug today. So although it might be quite a sight, wrap my arms around you tight. Repeat daily to keep your smile bright, until we get to reunuite!"



Make your own handprint monkey​​​​​​. You could either use paint or draw around your hand and colour the outline in using felt tips or pencils.