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Clever clouds to cool coral reef


Read the article from The Week.


Investigate Most people have heard of the Great Barrier Reef off the north east coast of Australia but there are many other reefs around the world. Research one of these and write a fact file about it, stating where and how big it is, and describing some of the wildlife that inhabits it.


Hold a Debate with your family If the coronavirus outbreak has taught us anything, it must be the need to listen to experts. Over recent years, it has become fashionable to cast doubt on the work and advice of experts in many fields, including climate change. Coral bleaching is just one of the consequences. Should we take steps to make sure that all the decisions that affect the world have a scientific basis? Perhaps warnings could be attached to any ideas that are not supported by expert opinion. Or would that interfere with free speech and the discussion of new ideas? Perhaps it might mean that genuinely good suggestions are rejected because they have not been tested yet. What do you think? 


Germinating Socks



  • Put some old socks on top of shoes.
  • Make the socks damp so that seeds will stick to them.
  • Go on a seed walk around your garden or local area (following the government advice on Covid-19). As you are trying to pick up seeds, walk underneath trees, around the edges of bushes, on top of dandelions and weeds and try to pick up a good amount of mud.
  • When the socks are looking suitably muddy, take them off and place them in a plastic bag.
  • If the sock is too dry, add a little water to make sure it is damp.
  • Tape the bag to a window in a sunny spot.
  • Check back every day to see what is happening and record what you notice.
  • Within a couple of days, you should be able to see some growth.

Silly SATs

Mrs Mbisa and Miss Pluck had a go at answering a SPaG test.  Can you mark it for us?  If any are wrong, can you work out the correct answer?