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Additional activities

Here are some activities linked to our Elmer story:


Colour Scavenger Hunt

Look around your house for objects that are different colours of the rainbow.

Can you write a list of things that are red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, indigo, violet…


Creating pictures using Purple Mash

There are some lovely art programs on Purple Mash. You could try the colour spinner or the wet paint program.


Create your own Elmer the Elephant

You will need a milk carton, some tissue paper or paper and glue. Ask an adult to cut the milk carton just below the handle. Then you can have fun sticking on all of Elmer's colours using coloured tissue paper or paper.


Number bonds poster

Can you make a number bonds rainbow poster by finding all of the pairs of numbers that add up to 10?

Colour spinner

Create your own colour spinner- make sure that you ask an adult to help you to make the hole in the spinner and attach the pencil.


Grow your own rainbow

Try this experiment. You will need kitchen roll paper, felt tip pens, 2 bowls of water, thread and a paperclip.


Be a detective and see if you can spot our sounds for the week in these stories. Can you write down some of the words that you find? There is a story for each sound.

Here are some more stories for you to read using your phonics:

Here's a fun phonics game. Can you find the word to match the picture?

Learn some Elmer counting songs:
Here are some more songs to practise: