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This week we have some science, history , PSHE and PE tasks for you to choose from. We hope you enjoy them.



There are 2 tasks you can choose from. One (body proportions)  asks you to investigate how the length of different body parts, are related to your height. The second task helps you to investigate how strong peas are. Do you think they are strong? Have a go at finding out, but remember if you use frozen peas, you need to let them thaw out first. 


Last week it was the 200th birthday of a very famous nurse called Florence Nightingale. You may have heard of her because the temporary hospitals that were built recently are named after her. As we have been all saying thank you to the doctors and nurses who have been helping everyone, we thought you might want to learn a little about nursing in the past and how it impacted on nursing today.

You could write a fact file, or a biography about  her or just find our about her for fun. The information file, mentions a poem and a video. Both are added as a separate file and link because the links within the presentation won't work due to it being  converted to a pdf file. There is also a 'source' activity which looks at what life in the hospitals was like at the time. You will need a little help with this one. but it will get you thinking!

Another nurse helping soldiers at the same time was Mary Seacole. Until recently, her work wasn't celebrated like Florence Nightingale so she isn't as famous. You can watch a clip about her and find out about her in the presentation and videos. Why was she treated, and remembered differently to Florence Nightingale. How do you feel about that? 

If you would like to find out more about Florence Nightingale, Mary Seacole and other nurses, then you can browse the website of the Florence Nightingale Museum. Or, if you want to do more of a project on Florence Nightingale, this website has 6 activities you can do linked to her and another nurse from World War 1 called Nellie Spindler. 



We have thought a lot at school about ‘why it is good to be me’ and what we enjoy. Also last week one of your options was a song called 'Glad to be Me'. Even at these difficult times, we hope you have had some special moments and felt 'it was good to be you'. We thought it might be nice to record some of the special things or just things you have liked about being at home during this lockdown, that you might not always get to do.

For example, cooking delicious treats, helping neighbours, going on muddy walks, seeing rainbows everywhere, sleeping in late, staying up past bedtime,  video calling our friends and family, more time to read, painting, learning to sew etc.

You could record them as drawings, a poster, a collage of photos or write about them, it is up to you.


The Catch a Ball

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