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Additional Activities

Topic Activities

  • Can you draw your own tiger picture?
  • What can you find out about tigers? Write some sentences about them, e.g. They have sharp teeth.
  • Can you paint some of the places that Piper visits in the story?
  • Create your own grasslands habitat. You could make some of the places in the story such as mountains, rocks and water. 
  • Can you make models of the characters?

Websites linked to our learning this week


If you would like to play some phonics games, we recommend this website:

Begin with phase 2 sounds and then work up to phase 3 sounds.



Practise reading short stories on Starfall. You can have a go at reading the sentences using your phonics and then click on the listening ear to hear the sentence.





Can you answer the questions about the height of the animals?



Can you help Lecky to compare the sizes of the different objects?



Practise making patterns on this Topmarks game.





Visit the Purple Mash Website and explore Mini Mash.

If you click on the door there are more activities.

One of our favourites is the music game. To make music, click on the girl playing all of the musical instruments.