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Additional Activities

This week we have lots of fun activities for you. To continue our rainbow theme, there is a lovely poem for you to write to help you practise your handwriting and some interesting ways to make rainbows at home. There is also science, geography, art and PE to keep you busy. If you loved our trip to the RAF Museum, they are running a poster competition. If you enter you could win a prize.


This half term our Science topic is 'Living Things and Their Habitats'.  Your Science task is all about finding out  whether things are living, dead, or have never been alive.


We would be looking at seasonal weather in geography this term. Your task this week, is to start a weather diary.


We would be using natural materials to make art this half term. To start with, we would like you to practise drawing an item from nature very carefully. 

Do you remember our trip to the RAF Museum? They are running a poster competition to advertise their reopening. As well as having the honour of having your work displayed if you win, there are also prizes. Your entry needs to be submitted by Friday. Your parents and carers just need to send a photo of it via social media, so you don't need to worry about the post. Follow the link below for more information.


We didn't add a PE challenge last week, so you have 2 you can choose from this week. Or why not do both?