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Additional activities

There are lots of additional learning tasks for you here. They are linked to science, geography, PSHE, art and PE. It is World Oceans Day on Monday 8th June so there are some activities you might like to try linked to that.  Have fun!


This week you will be learning about different habitats around the UK. 




World Oceans Day

Monday 8th June is World Oceans Day and the focus is about keeping our oceans clean. There are a few activities you can do linked with this. There is a presentation explaining World Oceans Day and a link so you can find out some of the more unusual marine animals we have in the sea around the UK (you just scroll through the images). You can listen to the book 'Somebody Swallowed Stanley' and then there is another link to listen to the author explaining her work with animals and why she wrote the book. There is a song you can listen to and learn which is all about keeping the ocean clean.


You could find out more yourself and write a little report, or draw a picture of the ocean and the plants and animals you might find there.