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Create a superworm stick puppet by folding a strip of paper and attaching two sticks. Then draw on the face.


Make your own superworm using stuffed tights. You could also tie elastic bands along it.


Have fun making this frog paper craft using a rolled up piece of card for the body and then add the arms, legs and face.


You might like to make this spider paper craft:


You could create your own wormery:

You will need a large clear container. Put a handful of stones in the bottom of the pot. Then alternate layers of soil and sand. Next, put grass and leaves on the top and add some water so the soil is a bit damp. You could wrap some dark paper around the outside of the container to make it darker for the worms, like it would be in the soil and add some windows. Finally find some worms and gently place them under the leaves and grass. Check on the wormery regularly and see if you can spot where the worms have made tunnels.


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