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Summer Reading Challenge 

Why not try the reading challenge online?

Bike Week

Last week, it was bike week. It is held every June and seeks to raise awareness of the benefits of cycling and getting people to ride their bikes. The PowerPoint below will give you some more information. Remember, you do not have to complete every activity below in one day.


Using the template below to help you, can you design your own bike? You can either design a bike you could take on a journey or design a bike for the future.


You may also like to have a go at the bike wordsearch.


Now research the following UK cycle trails and find some facts about them. You can present the information however you wish to.


  • Camel trail 
  • Coast to coast trail
  • Tissington trail
  • Lee Valley trail
  • Monsal trail


Some questions to consider:

Where does it start?

Where does it end?

How long is it?

What can you see along the way?

Using the website above to help you, create your own leaflet making people aware of the Trans Pennine Trail and the things to do at different places along it.

Create your own superhero
Hertfordshire Sports
Remember to take care when using resources online. Enjoy your activities!