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Here are some ideas for crafts:

Make your own Jasper the cat

You will need card, paper, glue and felt tip pens or pencils.

Create the cats by folding and rolling the card to make the body and head then add other features by sticking them on.


Growing a garden paper plate craft

Can you follow these picture instructions to create this craft?

You will need a paper plate or a circle of card, paper, a lolly pop stick or strip of card, paper, glue and felt tips or pencils. You could create a growing beanstalk instead of a flower.



Beanstalk Threading

You will need some card cut into leaf shapes, a hole punch and a pipe cleaner.

Draw some leaf shapes onto card, then cut them out. Ask an adult to use the hole punch to make holes in the leaves for threading. Thread the leaves onto a pipe cleaner.


Tiny seed picture

'The Tiny Seed' is a lovely story by Eric Carle which tells the story of the life cycle of a flower.

It has some beautiful illustrations. 

Can you create your own flower picture using tissue paper?

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