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Additional activities

This week there are lots of activities for you to enjoy that are linked to science, history, RE, art, PE and computing. In history you will be looking at a new topic you would have learnt about this term at school - seaside holidays.  


We hope lots of you have signed up or will sign up to the Summer Reading Challenge. Why not make a new bookmark for the books you will read? In the 'Art Section' there is an idea for a kite bookmark that you can use bits of wrapping paper or old magazines for if you choose to. Of course you don't need to make this bookmark, you could make any design you want on a piece of paper or card.




Here are some more unplugged computing ideas. This week they are linked to abstraction which is about removing unnecessary detail.


The PE activity this week is about moving in different directions. You can choose different animals to be. Maybe you could be some from 'The Tin Forest'.


This task is linked to the idea of looking after our world and  the teachings of Islam on how to do so. On the task it states to 'write in boxes', but you don't need to, just write your ideas on paper.