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Additional activities

Here are some craft ideas linked to our book this week:


Create a picture of a vegetable patch. You could use crayons or oil pastels to draw the outlines of the vegetables, then use watercolours or watered down paints for the rest of the picture.


Make a folding flowers card:



Create a windsock to hang outside or a kite to fly.

The windsock can be made by rolling a piece of card to make a tube, then decorating it with tissue paper and adding tissue paper streamers at the bottom.

You might enjoy creating this jellyfish paper plate kite.


Here are some crafts that you could hang up:



You will need an adult to help with this. Try putting some white flowers like carnations in some water that is mixed with food colouring. Watch what happens...


PE Challenge

Can you play the beans game?

Walk around the room or outside. When children hear bean name, they do the corresponding action:

Jumping bean- jump around the room

Runner bean- run on the spot

Broad bean- stretch your arms and legs wide

Baked bean- lie on the floor in curled up in a ball

Jelly bean- wobble like a jelly

Chilli bean-shiver and shake

String bean- make a long thin shape

Can you think of some more actions?


Useful websites:




Purple Mash-