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John Cooper - Trustee Nominee

John has over 40 years experience in education and was a primary school headteacher for 20 years. He was awarded a Bachelor of Education at Keele University and more recently qualified as a counsellor at Hertfordshire University. John works as a Samaritan volunteer and was Director of Hertfordshire Samaritans from 2009 to 2012. John is blind and has a guide dog. He is involved with several disability charities, including R.N.I.B. and The Guide Dogs Association. John’s significant experience within the educational and charitable arenas enables the Governing Body to provide a high level of support and challenge to the school, to ensure that it continues to improve and develop, in response to the changing requirements of our school community.


A specific role that John undertakes as Governor is to ensure that children, with Special Educational Needs, are being provided with the support they need to access the curriculum and to participate fully in the life of the school. As a link between the governing body and the school in relation to pupils with SEN. It's John's role to help raise awareness of SEN issues at governing body meetings and give up-to-date information on SEN provision within the school. In addition he also helps to review the school's policy on provision for pupils with SEN and ensure that parents have confidence in this provision.

John's daughter Jessica works at the school as a part-time unqualified teacher.  

Nominated Roles and Committee Membership:

  • Head Teacher Performance Management
  • Finance Committee (Member)
  • Staff & Curriculum Committee (Member)
  • Premises Committee (Member)
  • Pay Committee (Chair)
  • Governor Responsible for Special Educational Needs