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Maths task

Starter –

Solve the quizzes linked to the 5, Times tables.


Follow this link


Enter the Username for Espresso Primary (Discovery Education): student16232
Password: Provided in your student Log in Passport


Solve the quizzes for:

  1. Multiplication 5 Times tables
  2. Division 5 Times tables
  3. Challenge 2

Main Maths activity

We are learning to multiply three one-digit numbers.  What do you know about multiplying numbers? Use the different strategies like- Multiplication can be done in any order. Recall multiplication facts, Re-group bigger numbers into numbers that you know, double or halve as appropriate.  Sometimes drawing is not an efficient method to use.

Watch the video that reminds you of certain strategies:

You will need the Espresso Primary Username and password

Now please complete the worksheet after you have watched the video.