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Maths task


Listen to the song divide by 2

Follow this link


Enter the Username for Espresso Primary (Discovery Education): student16232
Password: Provided in your student Log in Passport


Solve the quizzes for:

  1. Groups of 2

  2. Groups of 5

  3. Groups of 10


Main Maths activity

We are learning to multiply a two-digit number or a three - digit number with a one-digit number.  How will you do this? Some strategies to use are: Re-group bigger numbers into numbers to ones and tens.  Sometimes drawing is not an efficient method to use.

Watch the Video that reminds you of certain strategies:

You will need the Espresso Primary Username and password

Now please complete the worksheet after you have watched the video.


Please complete these activities:

Challenge 1 -Divide by 10 or 100

Challenge 2- Divide two-digit numbers by a one-digit number

Challenge 3 - Divide three- digit numbers by a one- digit number