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See what the children say about us!

Mrs Gage


Mrs Gage takes her job seriously, but makes lessons fun. Her heart is full of kindness and she makes children  feel special when she gives out  Meryfield Merits. She is firm but fair.  If you have any problems you can talk to her as she listens really well.

Mrs Hayes

Deputy Headteacher/Senco

Mrs Hayes is kind and caring. When you get to meet her she is funny. When things go wrong she sorts them out.



Miss Davern

Purple Nursery Teacher/Assistant


Miss Davern is the best teacher I have ever met. She is very clever and she makes me laugh. She helps me when I am stuck with my writing.

Mrs Moffatt 

Early Year Practitioner

Mrs Moffatt is very happy, I like her reading a book to me and to draw with me. I like to play all day with you.

Mrs Gal Kertesz

Early Years Practitioner

Miss Starnes

Early Years Practitioner

Miss Starnes is very, very kind and she helps me with my reading. If I get the words wrong she helps me.

Mrs Humberstone

Yellow Nursery Teacher

Mrs Humberstone is nice to me, she has pretty hair. I like it when she reads us funny stories on the carpet.

Mrs Walker 

Early Years Practitioner

Mrs Walker is very cheeky. She makes me laugh when we eat our snack.


Mrs Barnes

Early Years Practitioner

Mrs Barnes has lovely long hair. She also makes things we can play with.



Miss Sayers 

RS Class Teacher


Mrs Dunnage 

Early Years Practitioner


Mrs Allsuch

Teaching Assistant

Mrs Allsuch is very kind and always gives us a hug if we are sad. She helps children read their books and I like her handwriting.

Mrs Maslin 

RS Class Teacher

Mrs Gray 

Early Years Practitioner

Mrs Gray is lovely and kind. She likes to read with us and can make paper aeroplanes.

Mrs Lepelley                

Early Years Practitioner

Mrs Lepelley is clever at making things and helps me to read, she is very kind.

Year 1 

Miss Aitken

Class 1A Teacher



Mrs Savill

Teaching Assistant

Mrs Savill is very kind, she reads with everyone and never lets us down. She is funny and always sets up all our activities. 

Mrs Bratu

1B Class Teacher

Mrs Bratu always helps us. When we need help she is there for us. 

Mrs Wright

Teaching Assistant

Mrs Wright is an amazing TA, where do I even begin? Not once has she not made someone laugh or smile. She can be an amazing friend, but also reads and works with us to help us learn. 

Mrs Denney

Early Years Practitioner - PM

Miss Rhoden

Maths Support Assistant

Miss Rhoden is the kindest teaching

assistant, she looks after everyone.

Year 2

Dr Fensome - Green

2FG Class Teacher

She is a lovely teacher because she is kind, makes me smile and she is funny. When we don't know what to do she helps us. She is good at teaching because it is fun and she helps me to be smarter.

Mrs Morina

Teaching Assistant

I love reading with Mrs Morina because she helps me read the words. She always helps me with my work.

Miss Manzack

Midday Supervisor/Reading Support - PM

Miss Ford 

2F Class Teacher



Mr Hicks

Teaching Assistant

Mrs Hajri

Teaching Assistant

Year 3

Mrs Balan

3B Class Teacher

Miss Dawson

Teaching Assistant

Miss Dawson is a good teaching assistant. She is lovely, kind and very helpful.

Mrs Thacker

3T Class Teacher/

Lead Teacher in Computing

Mrs Thacker is a special computing teacher. She is kind and caring and always there if you want help. Mrs Thacker cheers people up and likes to create data. She wants everyone to be safe on the internet. 

Mrs Cullen 

Teaching Assistant

Mrs Cullen is a fantastic actress! She is always kind to everyone. She is one of the kindest and nicest people you could ever meet.

Miss Murphy

1:1 Support

Year 4 

Miss Bayes

4B Class Teacher

Miss Bayes is a very fair teacher. She is always listening to our ideas and is always calm. She makes lessons fun and always helps us if there is a problem.

Mrs Denney 

Early Years Practitioner - AM 

Mrs Rogers

1:1 Support

Miss Liddell  

4L Class Teacher

Ms Baxter 

Teaching Assistant

She is funny and amazing. You make me smile all the time and helps all of us read. She is beautiful.

Year 5 

Mr Humphrey

5H Class Teacher


Mrs Bhardia 

Teaching Assistant

Mrs Bhardia always helps you when you are stuck with work. She is very kind and I like reading with her.  


Mrs Della - Valle

5DV Class Teacher

Mrs Della- Valle is a fantastic teacher and has a passion for teaching English. She has three children and has joined a choir. Since she is a geography co-ordinator she has set up a link school in Ghana. She loves recycling therefore she has set up a club just for keeping our school eco- friendly

Mrs Faraj

Teaching Assistant

Mrs Mbisa

6M Class Teacher

Mrs Mbisa is a wonderful smiley teacher. She works her socks off! We learn so much from her because she is amazing.  

Mrs Gaitely

Higher Level Teaching Assistant

Mrs Gaitely is my favourite teaching assistant so far and she is funny. She is also good at pool. I wish she could come up to secondary school with me. She is good at helping me when I am stuck.

Miss PluckFiona P

6P Class Teacher

Miss Pluck is a very artistic and friendly teacher. Everyday she will come up with a really fun lesson, which we all love. Out of school she has a cute American cocker spaniel called Sydney.

Miss Clark

Teaching Assistant

Miss Clark is very funny. She loves maths. She is kind hearted and she follows the rules. She has a creative side and always tries to find out what is wrong if you are feeling sad or worried.

Mrs McCarthy

PPA Cover Class Teacher

Mrs McCarthy smiles a lot and she is Scottish. She likes swimming and once she met a friendly shark when she was swimming in the ocean on holiday. She also likes to drink coffee, especially in the morning.

Mrs Lockley

Mrs Lockley takes her job seriously and is always running around the school to read with us. She is creative in doing stuff and we like the way she teaches us. She makes us laugh because she is funny. Mrs Lockley is warm hearted and helpful and you can talk to her about anything. In Breakfast club she will come and talk to you if you are sad.

Miss Marks

3M Class Teacher (On Maternity Leave) 

Miss Marks is a friendly, kind and fair teacher who helps me with my work and always has fun activities for us. She enjoys looking after her two dogs.

Mrs Bigland

Performing Arts Teacher


Mrs Hussein

Behaviour Support and Learning Assistant

Mrs Bromwich

Pastoral Support

Mrs Bromwich is just so nice. She is good at playing snakes and ladders!  She has a big smile and always likes to chat. 

Mrs Cook

Office Staff

Mrs Cook works in the office. She is kind, cheerful and funny and makes us laugh.

Mrs Poole

Office Staff 

Mrs Poole has a smile which is beautiful like the sunshine. She is kind to everyone and is nice in every way.


Miss Charlene Mallett

Office Staff

Mrs Patel 

Office Staff 

Mrs Patel is great working in the office. She always has a great smile on her face.

Mr Hill


Mr Hill is good at taking care of our school. He is very funny and he loves football.

Mrs Koni 

Breakfast Club Assistant/Midday Supervisory Assistant

Mrs Koni is kind and thoughtful, she introduces us to new friends so that we feel welcome when we first start coming to breakfast club.