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Next term our first Science topic will be Plants. 


Please research these questions:

How does a plant stay healthy?

How do bulbs differ from seeds?

What do seeds and bulbs need to germinate?


What else can you find out about plants?



We will be exploring maps in Geography.


Please find out how to use an atlas and practise your skills.

Draw a map of your local area.

If you can, use a compass to navigate your way around you house or local area. 



Use Purple Mash and Espresso Primary to continue to practice your coding.

We will also be using the internet for research. Please research plants, and our world. Don't forget to stay safe online. 


Art / DT

In DT we will be making recipes using fruit and vegetables. If you make something at home we would love you to write your recipe down and draw a picture or take a photo of it.


Please draw careful observational drawings of things around your home and plant if you can.


Keeping Active 

Try to keep active if you can. If you are indoors cosmic kids yoga is a great way to keep moving.

Also, Supermovers and Joe Wicks - the body coach (on youtube)  have great ideas for keeping active.