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Daily routine for Nursery children.


During this time, the most important thing is that your children are safe and happy.


Talking to some parents this week on the phone, I have been asked how the morning  looked when they came into Nursery. 


Please don't feel that you have to follow this - it is just a guide that you might find useful! 


  • First thing we do is the weather chart every morning.


This involves singing the days of the week song, which your children know very well. We then look to see the date and month.


We also look at the weather forecast for Borehamwood to see what the weather is like for the day!  Before you look on the website, ask your child to go over to the window and see if they can guess what the forecast will say. Is it cloudy? Do they think it will rain?


  • We then read a story -  talking as you are reading, eg What is the title, what do you like about the story? What is your favourite part of the story? 


  • Then we have child initiated learning - this is the time for children to play! Remember children learn best by following their interests.  Your child might love singing and dancing - if so put some music on and let them sing and dance! Children love it when the adults join in too!!  


Then we have a snack time!  Encourage your child to help get it ready. 


More play time!


Remember, a child’s attention span is shorter than you might think. At four or five years old you might expect a child to concentrate on one activity for five to ten minutes.


Then before lunch you could sing some number songs (BBC Nursery rhymes have lots of number songs)  and play some maths games, e g can you go and find numbers around the house.

Spring has arrived! 


Have a look at the powerpoint all about spring - can you go in your garden and look for signs of spring.


If you can't go outside, you could look out of the window. 


Can you tick off the signs of spring from the checklist. 


This term our topic has been learning about being fit and healthy. 


We are now brilliant at washing our hands, each time we we have been singing Happy Birthday to Elsa and Ana, this has really happened. 


We have also been learning that it is important for our health to exercise and have enjoyed a daily workout with the body coach Joe Wicks on the whiteboard, it would be great if this could continue at home! 

5 Minute Move | Kids Workout 1 | The Body Coach TV

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