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Tasks for week beginning 30/03/2020

Postcards for Kindness

Why not brighten the day of someone who is isolating alone?  Many of our elderly are in care homes or home alone at this time, and like you can't go outside as much as they would like. You could write a letter or draw a picture and either send it to a care home or pop it through the door of an elderly neighbour or in fact any neighbour you know who may need cheering up.


Create a Dragon

We would have been writing about dragons this week and making them in DT. Some of the new writing tasks are linked to dragons. Why not create your own dragon?  You could draw, paint, collage, use junk modelling, sew, sculpt with clay or use anything you like to create it. 



We were learning about the Great Fire of London before we closed. One of the ways we know about this event is due to the diaries of Samuel Pepys. What can you find out about this man? Carry out some research about him and write an account of his life. Here are some websites which might help.



Many of us will be celebrating Easter soon. Please complete these activities about this celebration.