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Week 1 - 20.4.20

Message from Miss Davern & Mrs Humberstone:


Hello Nursery,


We hope that you had a nice break from home learning and enjoyed some yummy Easter eggs!


There are lots of fun learning activities for you to complete this week.


We hope that you have been enjoying Joe Wicks PE lessons every morning at 9am. They are a great way to start the day! Or if you are finding them a little bit too tricky, perhaps try some dance videos on the Go Noodle website


This week we would like you to think about rhyming words, which is why the story for this week is ‘Oi Frog’ it is a hilarious rhyming tale about a frog who discovers that all animals have their special places to sit! We have also thought of some fun mark making activities and some maths games to play.


We miss you lots, and look forward to hearing about all the nice things that you are doing at home with your families.


If you would like to share any of your home learning with us please e-mail   don’t forget to put your name and class in the subject line.


Take care,


Miss Davern & Mrs Humberstone x x x




Note to parents/ carers



I hope that you are all well. 


Hopefully you will find the activities and the suggested timetable on this page useful to support your child's learning journey at home.


As I said before Easter, we would suggest having a simple timetable for the morning, just like we usually do in Nursery, most children respond really well to having a routine, but we appreciate that at this difficult time, you have to do what is best for your family.


The activities that we have planned are just short activities, children of Nursery age are not expected to sit for long periods of time. Play is a really important part of their learning, follow their interests. In doing so, children will be engaged and want to learn. This will also hopefully make the home-learning process an enjoyable experience for everyone! 


I know for some parents/carers, you also have other children to home school, so I appreciate everything that you are doing to support your child's learning.


Take care,


Miss Davern