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Week 3 - 04.05.20

Dear Year 2,


We hope you enjoyed the tasks last week.

Your learning this week is all linked to Victory in Europe (VE) Day. You may recall we talked about remembrance in November and mentioned both world wars. VE Day celebrates the end of war in Europe, although not the complete end of World War II – that didn’t happen until August 1945. This year, there were lots of celebrations planned because it is 75 years since the end of war in Europe. We were going to learn about it at school, and hopefully have a 'street' party. Of course, all that has now changed but it is still important for us to learn about it and celebrate while we are at home.


Many of you will know about Captain (now Colonel) Tom Moore, who has raised lots of money for the NHS. He fought in World War II along with many others in our armed forces. It was a difficult six years both for those fighting and those left at home, so it is important to remember all those involved and say thank you. This is why we would like you to learn about it.


Please remember that the tasks do not need to be printed. Even on reading comprehensions where there are boxes to tick, you can just write the answers in your book or on paper.


We hope you enjoy learning all about VE Day. On the additional activities page, there is also a link to a beautiful book which has been made to comfort, inspire and entertain children during this time. Please have a look with your adults and share some of the stories and poems together. There is also a fun PE activity you can try.


Just like last week, please share your work if you want to using the email. We look forward to seeing what you have been up to.

Dr Fensome-Green and Miss Ford