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Week 3 - 04.05.20

Hello Nursery! 


We are now in a new month. Welcome to May!  Have you been looking at the weather forecast every day? We had a little look and we think we might see a little more sunshine this week which will be nice!


We hope that you are enjoying the home learning activities, we have been busy thinking of more nice things that you can do at home. This week Mrs Moffatt is going to read you a story this week, 'Shark in the Park' I know that you all know this story, so please join in!


This week we would like you to show your grown ups at home how we practice writing our letters, show them your magic writing finger, give it a wiggle and then show someone at home how we practice writing sounds in the air. You might want to use your writing finger to write on your grown ups back.  Remember to use the rhymes to help you with how to form each letter. 


There is also lots to do on our additional activities page.


Thank you to those of you that have sent photos of work that you are proud of to The office forward them on to all of the adults working in your classroom and it really does make everyone smile as we miss you all lots! 


Take care and stay safe,

Love from

Miss Davern and Mrs Humberstone x