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Week 3 - 15.06.20

Hello Year 5,


We hope you have enjoyed your weekend. 


Let's hope this week brings a bit more sun! We have another busy week of learning with a new focus book in English called "The Tin Forest". It has beautiful illustrations and, just like last week's book, has an important message to tell.


Make sure you have a look at your additional activities. Miss Bayes has recorded a new story for you called 'Sunflower'.  This week, you have a research activity about 'Bike Week' which encourages people to use their bikes and promotes health benefits, the summer reading challenge but it will be online, sports activities from Hertfordshire sports and a dance from Go Noodle. We hope you enjoy them!


Don't forget to send us examples of your work. We would love to see them. Ask an adult to send them to We are in regular contact with you all now by email so please keep in touch. 


Have a lovely week. 


Best wishes


Miss Bayes and Mrs Della-Valle