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Week 4 - 11.05.20

Hello Year 2,


We hope you enjoyed learning all about VE Day last week. We would love to see some of your activities which you can email to us via the email address. Did you do anything special on VE Day? 


We have been busy finding some fun tasks for you this week. Your English tasks are all focused on the story the Elves and the Shoemaker and the Maths tasks mainly use items in your home. Please remember these activities can all be completed in your books or on paper - they don't need to be printed.  We hope you enjoyed singing 'We'll Meet Again' last week, and to keep the musical theme, we have added some music activities in the 'additional activities' section. There are some ideas for making your own musical instruments, but you can use your imagination to make any instrument you want. 


With the library and many shops being shut, you might be finding it difficult to find new and exciting books that you can read yourselves. At school we use some of the Big Cat reading books by Collins. At the moment you can access these books for home learning. They are colour banded just like the ones at school, so you can select books that are correct for the level you are currently reading. 


Parents can access the site via this link which then instructs you on how to access the Collins site.

This is the same site where you will access the songs we have suggested this week. Once logged in, go to the Big Cat books sections and you will be able to select from a large range of books. 


We hope you enjoy your tasks this week, and don't forget to have lots of fun.

Love from Dr Fensome-Green and Miss Ford