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Week 4 - 22.06.20

Hello Year 3, 


We hope you've had a lovely weekend. We have planned lots of learning for you to enjoy again this week.


In English you have a combination of various comprehension tasks from book extracts and writing tasks which are linked to 'The Tin Forest'.  In Maths we are finishing the last unit of fractions.  Also we have lots of other additional activities linked to History, PE, Geography, PSHE, Computing, DT and Art. 

As it is Rainforest day next Monday, we have planned an art activity linked to this. 


We would love to see examples of your work, It is very useful to see this as it gives us an idea of  how you are getting on so please ask an adult to send some examples to us at 


Have a lovely week and enjoy the warmer sunny weather.  


Best wishes

Year 3 Team