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Week 5 - 18.05.20

Hello children,


We hope everyone is well and staying safe.


A big thank you to those of you who are sending us pictures of your learning or interesting activities you have discovered. It brightens our day and we really love seeing them. Please continue to show and tell us via email at . We are very pleased that you are enjoying the activities and remember how important is to grow your mind all the time.


This week, our Maths tasks are based on doubling and halving. You can complete the activities we suggested or adapt them to games or resources you have at home. The more you enjoy your learning, the more you achieve. For writing, we would like you to focus on capital letters and our sounds this week are ee, ea and e-e. We encourage you to read for pleasure every day or listen to someone read to you. Also, please try your best to be bucket fillers as it will fill your own bucket too.


We hope you have a lovely week and keep strong, healthy and positive.


Mrs Bratu and Mrs Balan