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Writing task

Can you describe and compare the characters in the story?


Use evidence from the story to back up your descriptions of each character. For example, you could say that, Pharaoh Aye is a liar because he said that he would pay for the sarcophagus.

What are Beth’s strengths? What do you think people like or dislike about Beth? Is there anything negative about Beth’s personality?

What are pharaoh Aye’s strengths? What is not attractive about Pharaoh Aye’s personality?

In which ways are Beth and Pharaoh Aye similar? Write down the similarities between the two characters in the middle box. Remember to use evidence from the story to prove what you are saying about each character.

Try to use similes in your character descriptions. For example, you could say that Pharaoh Aye is as sly as a fox, because he tricked Beth and Scarab.