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Year 3

Welcome to Year 3!

The theme of learning this term is The beginnings.  We are learning about Stone Age and Bronze Age.  We will kick start this theme by transporting the children back in time to The Stone Age by visiting Celtic Harmony where we will get hands on experience of life in a Neolithic Village.


Throughout this term, we will be identifying and interpreting evidence using artefacts as well as learning about the importance of various Primary and Secondary Sources of evidence and learn more about life and houses during Stone and Bronze Age. 

In art we are going to experiment with colour mixing and later learn more about shading and creating sketches inked to Stonehenge. 

In P.S.H.E. we will be focusing on positive attitudes, friendships and dealing with hurdles at the beginning of a new year with a growth mindset.  In Computing we are learning about the Internet and how to stay safe online.  Our focus is data collection and keeping data safe.  We will learn how to represent data in graphs and charts.

Our topic in science is Plants and life cycles.  Later in the term we will be looking at nutrition and staying healthy.  We will be learning more about the skeletons. 


Look at the nine letter word.  Can you work out what it is?

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Autumn Term Curriculum Overview

Welcome Meeting Presentation

Celtic Harmony Trip

Celtic Harmony Trip 1

Year 3 had an exciting trip to Celtic Harmony where they were transported back in time to a Neolithic village and experienced the life as it would have been in Stone Age.  They foraged herbs and plants, made stew and even witnessed making fire by rubbing wood.  Later they enjoyed their time in a roundhouse with thatched roof and made their own dens from sticks and leaves.  It was enlightening to know that Stone Age was a time of discovery and growth.  Trading activities were a fantastic way to learn about the goods and valuables of that time period alongside brushing up on some Maths skills.  The day ended in an exciting weapons making activity followed by hunting where mammoth hunt was the most celebrated act and taught valuable group skills.