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Year 4 September 2020

Welcome to Year 4!


This term, our topics will be ‘All Around the World’ and ‘The Roman Empire’.

We will be completing lots of fun learning activities linked to our topics.


In Geography, we will be exploring the world using atlases. We will locate and describe places using longitude and latitude. We will also find out about some of the geographical features that define specific areas of the Earth - the Equator, the Hemispheres, the Poles and the Tropics.


In History we will be learning about the rise and fall of the Roman Empire. Did you know that the Romans ruled in Europe for almost 1000 years? We will be looking at the way this fascinating civilisation lived and the impact they left on the modern world.


 In Science, our topics will be ‘Animals Including Humans’ and ‘States of Matter’. We will learn all about the digestive system, teeth and compare these to other animals. During 'States of Matter', we will learn about the different states particles can take; solid, liquid and gas.


In English, we will be reading lots of fantastic, engaging texts and writing in a range of styles including narrative and persuasive. We will cover a variety of grammatical features and continue to practise spelling words from the year 3/4  spelling list.


Our Computing topic is ‘Keeping Informed’. We will explore the difference between data and information and consider how graphs and databases can be an efficient way to record and present data.  


Please remember, we have an open-door policy so if you have any concerns, please speak to us or contact the office to arrange a convenient time. 


For further information, please see the welcome to Year 4 PowerPoint and the curriculum information below.

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