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Year 4

 Dear Parents and Carers,


We have been truly amazed by the wonderful, creative and stunningly beautiful homework Year 4 have produced this half term, and we really just can't keep it to ourselves!


So please take a walk on the wild side through the wonders of the world's rainforest courtesy of the amazing work from Year 4. Well done!


 From your very proud teachers,

     Mrs McCarthy and Miss Liddell

Spring Term 2020

We hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and New Year.


This term we are learning about  rainforests. Over the next term, your children will learn about: the location of these essential " lungs of the world"; the structure and different layers of the forest; their unique weather patterns; and the animals and vegetation that support the amazing ecosystems of the world's rainforests. We will also learn about the people who call these stunning forests home and compare their lives to ours. Finally, we will discuss and debate the dangers facing the rainforests in modern times and how, although  they are located thousands of miles away from us, we as global citizens are responsible for the events happening in them today.


In maths, as in the autumn term, we will be continuing our dedicated work with times tables,  We will be focusing more on using iPads and laptops to play games to build up their speed at recalling their multiplication facts, in and out of order. Any help you can give your child linked to this would be much appreciated. We will also be looking at shape, coordinates and formal written methods of multiplication. 


In English, we are writing to persuade!  So watch out your children may become a lot more adept at persuading you to turn the odd no into a yes. They will learn the techniques of using rhetorical questions, alliteration and appropriate adjectives in their written work. We will also be having a big push  on improving our spelling.


In science, we will be learning about living things and their habitats. We will use devices such as: sorting diagrams, classification keys and databases. We will research habitats around the world and the importance each aspect of a habitat has on the food chain of different species.


As part of our wider curriculum, we will be visiting "Hazard Alley" a safety centre in Milton Keynes which provides a hands on, but extremely fun and educational experience, about the dangers around our homes, on our roads and in our communities. 


Below are some links to related websites which you and your child can look at together.





                     Welcome to Year 4!
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