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                     Welcome to Year 4!
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This term we are learning about the The Romans. Over the next term, your children will learn about the everyday lives of the people who lived in this ancient historical time. We will be learning about what made the Roman Empire so powerful and widespread.  We will also be looking at the Roman people and their way of life. 


In maths this term,  we will be continuing our hard work with times tables, with an emphasis on quick recall and fluency. We will be using a variety of approaches  to help the children  gain confidence with the element of speed and competition! Any help you can give your child linked to this would be much appreciated. We will also be looking at formal written methods for addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.


In English, we are currently learning about Roman  myths and legends. We will be reading a variety of texts which will be used to inspire our imaginations when we come to write our own Roman myth.


In science, we will be learning about states of matter. We will find out the differences between solids, gases and liquids and the ways in which they behave. We will be finding out about the water cycle and the impact on Earth.


As part of our wider curriculum, we will be taking part in African drumming and looking at religious pilgrimages from around the world.


Below are some links to related websites which you and your child can look at together.


Please click on the curriculum document below to find out more about our topic and how you can help your child with their learning at home.




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