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School Uniform

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All children should wear school uniform as it helps to promote a sense of belonging and community.


Sweatshirts embroidered with the school’s logo are available to buy from Tesco or our uniform supplier, Brigade. Please see links to both suppliers at the bottom of this page


Boys Uniform


  • Yellow school logo polo shirt

  • Dark grey/black trousers

  • Purple school logo jumper

  • Sensible black shoes

  • Black/dark grey shorts in the summer

  • Girls Uniform

  • Yellow school logo polo shirt

  • Dark grey/ black skirt, tunic or trousers

  • Purple school logo jumper or cardigan

  • Sensible black shoes.

  • Purple or yellow checked dress in the summer

    Jewellery, hair and accessories

  • If children have pierced ears only studs may be worn

  • No other jewellery is permitted to be worn at school apart from watches

  • Long hair should be tied back neatly. Discreet hair accessories only should be worn.

  • No nail varnish should be worn

  • No exaggerated hairstyles, natural colours only

    Please make sure that all items of clothing are labelled.


If families need help towards the cost of school uniform please let us know and we can provide further information.

School Uniform can be ordered online via Tesco or Brigade. Please see links below or ask in the school office for further information.