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Keeping Safe 2023

Dear Children,


Childline is a brilliant website, please have a look and remember however you might be feeling there is always someone who can listen and help you.


Remember the number for childline is 0800 11 11 




It’s natural to be worried about what’s happening in the world. You might be worried about older or more vulnerable people you know getting ill, or about your school closing.  Everyone is different and will react in different ways, but it’s important to try not to panic.


If the coronavirus or feeling worried about what's happening is making it hard for you to cope then there are things you can do:


  • Take time every day to do something that helps you to feel good or proud. If you’re not sure what to do, use the Calm Zone for ideas and tools to help you relax.
  • take a break from watching or reading the news to do something you enjoy
  • ask an adult you trust about what's happening if you're unsure or worried. You might not be able to speak to all the people you normally turn to for support. But it can help to talk to people at home, your friends online or to Childline. Talking about what’s happening and how you’re feeling can help you realise you’re not alone.
  • do things every day to take care of yourself, especially if your routine changes.
  • Look after your health
    Try to exercise if you can, and make sure you’re eating healthily and getting plenty of sleep.
  • Make a routine
    Having time off can be great for a few days, but after a while it can have a big effect on your mood or things like your sleep. Doing things like setting an alarm in the morning and keeping to a routine can help you to take care of yourself.




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