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Online Safety Gallery

Year 2 discussed their online identity.

We discussed the children's interests and the importance of not sharing their personal information and photographs of themselves. They created their online profile and selected which activities would be safe or unsafe to share.

'Online Image' - Free to be me!

In Year 3 we discussed ‘Online Image’ where we talked about the pressure of social media. How this promoted the pressure to look your best and share the image of being perfect and leading a perfect life.  We talked about ‘Being Free to Be Me’ and the strategies of feeling the freedom to be yourself.

Song inspired by the wish to be - Free to be me!

Year 4 discussed - How to stay safe on the Internet and while blogging?

Year 5 Discussed different ways to stay safe online and created some posters.

Year 6 discussed how we can maintain our on-line identity while staying safe and being kind.