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Meryfield Primary School

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Year 1

Welcome to Summer Term


This term our theme is Summer by the Sea


In English, we will be reading the following texts:

- The Lost Spells

- The Lighthouse Keepers Lunch

- Commotion in the Ocean

- Bog Baby

- The Way Back Home

- How to Grow Cress


Our learning objectives are to retell a story, create a story map, make predictions and describe the stories. In our writing, we are describing events, inferring how characters are feeling and writing our ideas in clear sentences. We are writing for a range of purposes including, instruction writing, creating poems and innovating a story. 


In Maths, we will be:

- identifying coins and making coin combinations

- counting in 2's, 5's and 10's

- adding and subtracting within 20 fluently

- measuring in non-standard units

- multiplying with repeated addition and arrays

- dividing by sharing amounts into equal or unequal groups


In Science, we will be exploring various plants, their lifecycle and observing changes over time.


In Geography, we will be looking at Our Local Area.


In History,  we will be looking at Seaside holidays in the past and a famous figure (Grace Darling).


We will be developing our creativity in Art by print making using our own plasticine moulds. In DT, we will be constructing moving pictures linking these to traditional tales. In Music, we will be using our voices and musical instruments to create sequences of sounds. 


In PE, we are practising applying new skills to develop our control and co-ordination. We will apply these in our Net and Wall and Striking and Fielding units.


In PSHE, we are discussing the importance of relationships at home and in school. We will also be looking at changes affecting us as we grow up.


In RE, we are exploring the question 'Is Shabbat important to Jewish children?'


In Computing, we will be developing our understanding creating various designs using word processing and design software.


Our Curriculum

Our learning environment: