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Year 4

Welcome to Year 4!


This term, we will continue with the topic of ‘The Rainforest'.

We will be completing lots of fun learning activities linked to our topic.

We will then be moving onto the new topic of ‘The Anglo-Saxons'.


In English, we will be reading lots of engaging texts and writing in a range of styles including narrative and journalistic. We will cover a variety of grammatical features and continue to practise spelling words from the year 3/4  spelling list.


In Maths we will be revisiting the four operations (addition, subtraction, multiplication and division) and focusing on fluency. We will continue to learn out times tables. Please help your child with this by encouraging them to practise regularly at home. 


 In Science, we will be learning about ‘Living Things and their Habitats’. 


In Geography, we will be exploring the wonderful world of the rainforest. We will use atlases to locate rainforests around the world before we investigate the rainfall which gives these beautiful places their name. We will also find out about some of the geographical features that make this eco-system so special and the wide-range of creatures great and small which call the rainforest home.


Please remember, we have an open-door policy so if you have any concerns, please speak to us, email us via the admin email account or contact the office to arrange a convenient time to speak on the phone.


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