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Meet the Governors

Meet the Governors

There are 12 members on the Governing Body at Meryfield, these include the Head, two staff representatives (a teacher and  a TA ) and one parent governor. Other members have been co-opted for their wide range of skills and experience. All governors serve as volunteers and receive no payment in return for their contribution to the school. The full Governing Body hold at least six evening meetings each year but, most of the governor’s work is done in committees and nearly all of our governors serve on committees.


There are three main committees and each committee meets six times each year. The Premises Committee are concerned with the maintenance of the building and grounds. They ensure that we meet all Health and Safety requirements and regularly tour the school to check for repairs and improvements. We believe that our children and staff deserve the best possible learning environment. The Staff and Curriculum Committee ensure that we are delivering appropriate and high quality learning in all curriculum areas. They carefully consider pupil achievement data, constantly striving to raise standards. The committee also ensures that our staff policies and procedures are up-dated and working well. The Finance Committee looks after our school budget. They regularly monitor income and expenditure to be sure that we are achieving value for money in every area of school life. The committee seeks and carefully considers several estimates for all large items of expenditure. In addition, there is a Pay Committee to oversee staff pay decisions and to ensure that all decisions are consistent and meet statutory requirements.


The Governing Body is particularly concerned with strategic planning, enabling Meryfield to continue developing and improving into the future. Governors work alongside the Headteacher and other staff, in establishing the School Development Plan which describes the main priorities for taking the school forward. They also play an important part in writing the School Self Evaluation which is an essential tool in identifying what we have achieved and what the school needs to continue improving. Governors receive regular reports from the Headteacher and other staff members, relating to all aspects of the school. They have the opportunity to ask questions and sometimes to challenge if they have concerns. They work closely with the Headteacher and staff in carefully reviewing policies and procedures to provide a framework for the school to operate successfully. The governors have recently developed a “Code of Conduct” which sets out the expectations and standards that Meryfield governors aspire to.


Governors recognise the need for training. New governors attend a half day induction training session. There is at least one school based training session each year to help all governors to be well informed on current issues. All governors receive child protection and E Safety training. Governors are keen to be actively involved in all aspects of the school’s work and life. There is a programme of visits linked to the Governing Body Action Plan and this enables members to observe lessons and to meet staff during their working day. Governors have a further opportunity to meet the teachers during their annual Environmental Walk.

Governor Name




Term of Office Business Interests
John Cooper Trustee Nominee

Chair of AGB.

All committee's -

SEN, Pay


Headteachers Performance & Management  

09/2017- 08/2021 Daughter is a part-time Performing Arts teacher at school and runs Theatre Club Kids which is based at Meryfield.

Cherylan Martindale

Trustee Nominee

Vice chair of AGB, Chair of Staff & Curriculum.

Headteachers Performance Management &


09/2020-08/2024 None
Alex Gage Head All committee's



Malcolm Strack Trustee Nominee

Chair of Premises committee.

Health & Safety,

Safeguarding &

CLA (Children Looked After)




Rosalyn Newmark Co-opted

Premises &


09/2017-08-2021 None
Jackie Gaitely Support Staff representative Finance  09/2017-08/2021

Manager of Big-Top After School club and Shizentai Judo club, both based at Meryfield.

Teaching Assistant at Meryfield

Laura Edgar Associate Member AGB 09/2019-08/2023 Deputy Headteacher at Hertswood Academy





Chair of Finance committee.


Headteachers Performance Management &

Staff & Curriculum



Nick Busfield-Birch Parent Nominated Governor Premises 02/2019- 02/2023 Parent of child at school
Nicole Richer Co-opted Staff & Curriculum



Kartik Kumar Co-opted Safeguarding






Teacher representative AGB






Previous Governors

Governor Name Category



Term of office
Brenda Lockley

Teaching staff 


AGB & Attendance 09/17 - 12/20
Russell Scott Parent Governor   02/19 - 02/20
Nicky Henson Parent Governor Premises 08/14 - 07/18
Erica Cook Office Manager of Meryfield Finance 09/17- 01/21


Governors attendance