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To support you during this time, we have put together a list of services that you and your family may require:


Hertsmere Borough Council asked us to circulate the following information to anyone who might need help with the following: 
Shopping, dog walking collecting medicines or just a chat!
Volunteers are just a phone call away
Tel: 020 8207 5115



  • Police: 101 or Emergency 999
  • NHS Direct: 111
  • Child Line: 0800 1111
  • Children’s Services: 0300 123 4043


Mental Health


Food Bank




Domestic Abuse



Debt advice and financial support




Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND)


Communication and autism needs






Asthma UK published the following shielding advice yesterday - “If you are, or your child is, taking:

  • Any biologic therapy, also called a mAb (Xolair/omalizumab, Nucala/mepolizumab, Cinqaero/reslizumab, Fasenra/benralizumab)
  • Steroid tablets or liquid every day
  • Antibiotic tablets or liquid for asthma every week (e.g. azithromycin)
  • Tiotropium
  • A combination inhaler that also contains a long-acting bronchodilator (e.g. Seretide, Fostair, Symbicort) at a high daily steroid dose (see the list… the article)
  • An inhaler with a high daily steroid dose (see the list….in the article) AND you are taking Montelukast
  • Or, if:
  • You have been admitted to hospital for your asthma in the last 12 months
  • You have ever been admitted to an intensive care unit for your asthma


Then you should follow the shielding advice which is set out in very helpful detail, including how to register for extra services from the government.